Time management

Managing your time, means knowing what you want, how you want to do that and being prepared to make it happen. That’s the focus of this topic. You will learn how to direct your focus, increase your motivation, energy and persistence and how to make better choices. Along the way you will experience there are numerous ways towards reaching a goal and that you are the one designing this process. 

All of us know the experience of delaying the things we are not suppose to delay (procrastination). So, all of us know the struggle of how to keep going, putting in the effort time and time again, the discomfort of taking on the things we’ve never done before, the doubts about our own capabilities and dealing with the mistakes being made. It will still require your effort and your time, but knowing how to manage these will make you stronger during the rest of your process.

As my parents used to say “preparation is half the work” and our gift of mentally traveling through time gives us unique opportunities to feel prepared and give us more focus before we even start the action itself. 

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Preparation is half the work
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